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  • Learn More About Our 400+ Mile Bike Ride

    Learn more on why we are riding bikes from Northern Vermont to Central Mass!
  • Plastic Straws Aren't Killing The Ocean...Find Out Who Is The Real Culprit

    About a week or so ago, I took a day trip down to the beach. It was lovely. The sun was out, tourists weren’t there, nor were the seagulls. It was ...
  • Need Help Volunteering In Your Area? Start Here.

    With the world slowly opening back up, it's time we get out & safely help others who need it.
  • How To Make A New Year's Resolution & Stay With It!

    For you to achieve ANYTHING, you must change and make sacrifices to your current habits. 
  • Best Novels That Were A MOVIE First!

    I've recently read a book and it reminded me how I used to think movies were better than books..
  • Things Every Entrepreneur Should Know Before Starting Their Brand.

    "Don’t be chasing after money. Chase after something that will benefit others and be passionate about it. Money will eventually come."
  • SUPERFOODS That You Already Own (& how can they be used as medicine)

    Medicine makes multi billion dollars per year, every year. But most people don't know that they can walk outside can get their medicine for free (or at least cheaper)

    A few of my favorite places on the east coast..what are yours?
  • The Most Important Skill to Have

    Learn about what was taught to me through my education career & what was the most important thing I believe that everyone should know.
  • Starting Your Own Business During COVID - 19

    Back when quarantining was the new craze, there were two types of people; ones who complained and those who saw opportunity. The person I talked with had every right to complain and yet she didn’t. From getting the chance to teach in Manchester England to graduating college and everything else was taken away. Everything but her mindset – a growth mindset
  • Movies to fulfil your sense of wanderlust

    Need help with what to watch? Feeling as if you want to travel and explore but you can't due to COVID - 19, then maybe this will help!
  • What The Heck Is An Immune System & How Can You Make Yours Stronger

    The News Talks About Everything Regarding Except How To Make Your Immune System The Best It Can Be To Give Yourself The Best Chance To Fight Off COVID - 19 If You Were To Get It. This Blog Will Tell You How