Bored at home? These YouTubers can surely help you out.

Hope everyone had a great Easter, a bit different from the Easters in years past. Anyways, here's blog #3!

YouTube is one of the most helpful tools in my life. I use it for help and entertainment in all aspects of my life. This website may not have existed if it wasn’t for YouTube. (Thank goodness for Shopify tutorials). It is one of most popular apps and websites there are, and I am a huge fan of it.

Social Distancing calls for some quality YouTube time. I know I have spent a solid amount of time watching videos. And I do believe it is a great place to learn – no matter the age. While YouTube creators aren’t as popular as other creators, that does not mean their content is any worse, in fact some stuff I’ve seen on YouTube is far better than TV series and movies I watched on the television.

Take Casey Neistat for example. In 2008, HBO purchased Casey’s and his brother Van’s series for under $2 Million dollars. Then he found YouTube, he started daily vlogging (vlogging is video blogging) in 2015 to challenge himself as a filmmaker. Now he has over 12 million subscribers, a video with 71 million views, and over 900 daily vlogs. Now these vlogs range all over the place. From his work life, to family, to travel, to running, to doing dumb stuff around NYC. He is by far my favorite YouTuber and if you want to get captured by the wonders of Casey Neistat then here click this link to see the vlog that started it all.

Say you want something new to watch with the little ones, yes there are YouTube channels for that, then go check out Shonduras. He is such the family man! He started daily vlogging the day his daughter Adley was born and, for him, it was the best day ever. So now he has been vlogging every day for multiple years! He calls these vlogs The Best Day Ever because, well, because for him, every day is the best day ever! He is also a very successful businessman and owns his own office full his employees which are also his best friends, and he likes to skateboard and eat cereal and this other fun activites. During his earlier “Best Day Ever’s”, they mainly consisted of him, his best friend who they call Chicken, and his wife, just playing video games and hanging out. Now his Best Day Ever’s consist of basically anything family related! He has two kids – Adley and Niko – and they are expecting a third! Shonduras is a perfect web series for a family. The kids will love it and the adults won’t get bored and may even learn something. Check out my favorite Best Day Ever!

(I should mention his daughter Adley has a channel – A for Adley – and she focuses on doing crafts, challenges, playing hide and seek, basically documenting the activities of any four-year-old!

The next series which I absolutely love because she is able to document her experience so dang well is Elina Osborne – The Pacific Crest Trail. In this 10 or so episode series, a New Zealander comes to America and hikes from Mexico to Canada! When watching this, it makes you want to get up and go hiking ASAP. The first video I watched of hers is when she talks about what makes the Pacific Crest Trail so special. The people. She rocks.

Finally, is David Dobrik. Some refer to him as “The King of YouTube”. Those people are probably right. David is hard to describe. All his vlogs are under 5 minutes long and they are filled with laughs from start to the end. You never know what his videos will have in store. He may fly to Las Vegas and make his friend bet $10,000 on red, he may do science experiements in his backyard, he may put his friend’s drunk texts on a billboard, Justin Bieber and Howie Mandel may appear in his videos, oh yeah, did I mention he gave his best friend a brand new Lamborghini Huracan? Well he did. Watch it here. ***this video has tons of swearing in it so just be aware***

So, check one or two or all of these out while you are practicing social distancing and staying at home. Let me know which YouTube series you like the best.

You can always check out my travel vlogs as well!

Thanks for reading, and remember, be kind.

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