How a terrible hiking accident changed Jaime Purinton's life

I’m a big believer that your attitude determines your happiness and overall outlook on the world around you. Life is full of moments, good, bad, positive, negative. You know, the ying and yang of life. I’ve learned that it’s not totally about what happens to you, but more so on how you react to those moments. Nobody knows this better than my new friend, Jaime Purinton. If she isn’t hiking in the Palomar Mountain State Park or Anza Borrego State Park (both in California), you can find her creating and working on her company, Hike It Off Magazine & Clothing.

            For those who don’t know Jaime’s story, it all starts on June 4th, 2014. Jaime was out on a birthday hike with her husband when suddenly she slipped and before she knew it, she had just shattered three bones and dislocated her right ankle. Thus, causing her to go though two surgeries, spend two months in a wheelchair and then two more months on crutches. During this time, she could have very well given up, complained, and have a very negative attitude towards her situation but instead she chose to look at the silver lining. That’s a trait I find very respectable and a specific reason why I am so intrigued with Hike It Off.

            Recently, we chatted over email and she was kind enough to answer some questions I had for her regarding her business, adventures, and basically life in general.

            I’m always curious to hear about lessons that were learned in times of distressed and for Jaime, she learned a lot. After not being able to hike, she was afraid that hiking may be out of her life for good which made her realize how important hiking was to her. She also was able get over a bit of fear she lived with for a long time, she made a vow to start living her life to the fullest, something she felt she wasn’t doing prior.

            I asked her if she could go back in time and not go on that hike, would she do it. To my surprise she said no. Rather, she is very grateful for it. It allowed her to recover not just physically but in all aspects of life. It also gave her time, something that is needed when starting a company. Fortunately, Jaime is a master time manager and was able to make it come together, along with a mentor who suggested she combines her love of writing and hiking into a singular magazine. In my eyes, this is perfect example of making the most out of a rough patch.

            Jaime, who grew up hiking and loving the outdoors, has big plans for the magazine and clothing brand. In 3-5 years, she suspects that, both the magazine and clothing company, will grow. More specifically, Jaime and her husband, Tony, would like to head towards being 100% eco-friendly with their clothing & shipping materials, and with their inks. Their main goal is to help inspire people get outdoors and explore the beautiful planet we live on.

If you need inspiration to get outdoors, I would personally recommend checking out their awesome Instagram feed - @hikeitoffofficial – or just take a visit to their website – – each portion of each purchase is donated to Leave No Trace for Outdoor Ethics and Sale Ranch Animal Sanctuary, a place that is near and dear to Jaime’s heart as she volunteers there in her free time.

Anyways, at the end of the interview, I asked Jaime about any awesome adventure stories, where she “brought the stoke”. She later told me about a very snowy night in San Jacinto mountain during a backpacking trip. Basically, a blizzard had occurred, and they spent the night bundled up in their tent, listening to the howling wind and trees and staying warm. As she and her friends woke up the next morning, they finished the hike out in the snow and about halfway down, snow flurries appeared, and she claims it was absolutely magical. “I literally cried tears of joy because it was so pretty”, said Jaime.

How awesome! Jaime has a pretty sweet and gnarly story. She overcame a lot and seems to be making the most of it, and then some. I believe anyone can take a little something from her story and draw inspiration from it, and after reading this blog, I hope you leave feeling inspired and ready to take on the world.

And Jaime wants to remind us to “follow your dreams unapologetically and do what you love”.

Thank you for taking the time to read another blog. It means a lot.

& remember, be kind.


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