Plastic Straws Aren't Killing The Ocean...Find Out Who Is The Real Culprit

About a week or so ago, I took a day trip down to the beach. It was lovely. The sun was out, tourists weren’t there, nor were the seagulls. It was strange to see a place that is usually so full of life, to be empty. 

 With the waves crashing and the wind blowing, one couldn’t help but think about summer. This time, I was thinking about something different...the ocean.

I recently learned about how much the ocean truly provides for us, and sadly, I also learned how humans are destroying it.

Did you know that the ocean produces more oxygen than the Amazon Rainforest? According to Oceanpreneur’s website, the ocean provides 70% of the air we breathe which translates to from the last 10 breaths you took, seven of them are from the ocean. (if you are wondering how, look up phytoplankton, these little guys do the same job as leaves from a tree, except we cannot see them)

The ocean is one big air condition and heating unit for mother Earth! By transporting cold water towards the south and warm water towards the equator, it helps to regulate temperature.

Sadly, it is believed that the commercial fishing industry is brutally killing over one trillion fish a year, and that number can only get so high before we have no fish left. Ever hear of gill nets?

So, you might be wondering how can you help!

Good news, I made a list of very easy ways you can (& should) help the ocean.

Number one! Eat less fish, this is the best way to help the ocean out. Most importalty it will help slow down commercial fishing. These fisherman are leading the pack in damaging and killing the ocean. Many of the vessels they are on use gill nets, also known as “the wall of death”. These nets are MASSIVE. Some are miles long and go down to the ocean floor. They are weighted which, when being pulled by the ship, rips up the ocean floor killing everything in its path. Fish get stuck in these nets but most likely it’s the wrong kind of fish. So now if you were fishing for “fish A”, now you have “fish B, C, D” and so on. But by the time the net gets pulled in, most fish are long gone since they have either suffocated or got blown up by the pressure differences. Crazy right!? To make it even worse, these nets get tossed back into the ocean which makes it the leading cause of ocean pollution. We think plastic straws are the enemy, when really it’s the fisherman. Also by eating less fish, there will be a lot less ships out there which is another win since it will reduce their carbon footprint. Win-win!

Number two! When you do go the beach, be respectful. Don’t take sand, shells, or feed the seagulls but DO take your trash, The picture of me holding a trash bag was only a 20 minute walk and it was off-season and I found enough trash to fill the whole bag up.

THREE! Be cautious of what you are that jewelry made of a sea turtle's shell? Does that tuna fish also have pieces of dolphin in it? Many companies also give their profits away to organizations that better the ocean! Wear their clothes.

Número cuatro. Say goodbye to single use plastics. Really nowadays, you don’t really need them. There are endless alternatives that you can do, all you need to do is a quick google search. My favorite way is simply using a reusable water bottle. It saves you from buying water bottles & helps the environment. 

Last but not least...VOTE!

Thank you for reading and caring about the ocean. Please reach out with any questions. & remember, be kind.

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