Silly 4th of July Riddles

It’s the fourth of July today, which means many of you are traveling either to a vacation spot, a local park to picnic, or a relatives/friend’s house to celebrate. So, what better way to past the time then with some American theme riddles!?

*All Answers will be located below the photo*

1) Mr.Blue lives in a blue house, Mrs.Yellow lives in a Yellow house and Mrs.Red lives in a red house. Who lives in the white house?

            2) What state is high in the middle and round on both sides?

            3) I have blades, but I am not grass. I’m sometimes an Apache, but I am not a Native American. What am I?

            4) What two things did the Pilgrims bring, that the Native’s did not want?

            5) One was born in 1846, the other was born in 1946. One was elected in 1860, the other was elected in 1960. Both died the same way, on a Friday. Who are we?



  • The President.
  • Ohio.
  • A Helicopter.
  • Pilgrims and Smallpox
  • President Lincoln and President Kennedy. (They have some very ODD and unusual similarities) - look them up sometime.


Sorry if these are a bit too corny! Hope you enjoyed them, celebrate safely today.

& Remember, be kind. (wear your mask also)


  • Miles

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