Starting Your Own Business During COVID - 19

Back when quarantining was the new craze, there were two types of people; ones who complained and those who saw opportunity. The person I talked with had every right to complain and yet she didn’t. From getting the chance to teach in Manchester England to graduating college and everything else was taken away. Everything but her mindset – a growth mindset. One of the best things I like about a growth mindset is that is essentially freedom. Whereas fixed is a very limiting and daunting way to go throughout life. Thankfully, for my good friend Lydia, she has a growth mindset and models it daily. She took advantage of the new “covid way of life” and started her own business.

For those who may be unfamiliar with the concept of growth versus fixed mindset, let me explain. In the simplest way I can possibly explain it, it is basically viewing your world as either half full or half empty. Do you view failing as an opportunity to grow or the limit of your abilities? If you aren’t good at something at first, do you give up? Or try, try, and try again? Realistically, these are the two types of people in this world.

Lydia, my friend, has a growth mindset and a prime example is when she started Crafts by Lydia – link below - her very own craft business that she started in her dining room! It’s ironic because she limited herself prior by not seeing herself as an “artsy” person yet alone the entrepreneur and more as the teacher and leader. But it all comes back to passion and what you personally enjoy doing, and for her, it was crafts.

After brainstorming a few ideas, she finally put thoughts into action. She started out by making stickers, then eventually moved on to wine glasses and tumblers among other things. Eventually, she will be moving towards the home accessory niche. To her surprise, people enjoyed and bought her art! I felt this way, she felt this way, I’m pretty sure every entrepreneur feels this way at the start. We are all worried to take that step, in fear that nobody will buy your product. It’s a silly thought but it’s also the same thought that made me NOT start Bring the Stoke. In her first months, she has shipped to over 10 states and is currently making profit over something she started herself. That’s amazing and inspiring. A perfect little side hustle if you ask me.

And just like every entrepreneur, she also had that “million-dollar idea” that flat out fails – which is totally okay! (remember, a growth mindset allows us to grow with our failures”). So, what was her million-dollar idea? Decorative wine bags to give as gifts, obviously filled with a bottle of wine (wine not included though). How many did she sell? Take a guess! Here’s a hint, it’s between one and three. That’s right. Two wine bags. She claims this was her first failure in her business and learned that people weren’t totally interested in decorative wine bags as much as she thought they were. She used that info to move on to products that people are interested in and it has obviously paid off for her.

If you are thinking about starting a little side hustle, no matter how much money you make or don’t make, it will be worth it. The lessons you learn, and the skills you get out of it, is priceless. For me, I gained an interest in a world that I had NEVER thought about before. Me? Business? Together? No way. But here we are. So, for anyone who is thinking about starting something. Take this as a personal sign directly to you and go do it.

Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed hearing about my good friend’s start up story. PLEASE, go check out her products, they’re pretty sweet!

And always, please be kind.


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