SUPERFOODS That You Already Own (& how can they be used as medicine)

You know what’s even cooler than 20% off all sweatshirts & long sleeves? That food is more than just food, it’s medicine!

With a worldwide pandemic going on, taking care of our bodies has gained more and more interest over time. Many of us look for the quickest way to lose some weight, get rid of a headache, or maybe your mother in law’s dinner didn’t settle so well in your stomach…so naturally we go to the medicine closet. But that shouldn’t be our natural instinct. What if I told you there is healthier, natural medicine in your cabinets, fridge and even on top of your countertops! That’s right. Food is more than just food! It is real natural medicine made by mother earth. Not in a laboratory. It has been this way for as long as time, we have just drifted away to man-made medicines.

If you ever visit Greece, you’ll notice one thing right off the bat. They worship olives. I thought this was a bit strange at first, but after four months living there, I actually got an olive branch tattooed on my ankle! The reason I bring this up is because I have a story to tell. I might have been in Greece for less than 72 hours and I was eating some bread and olive oil when the leader of the trip, a Greek man, told me that olive oil is used as a medicine in Greece and I thought he was joking. He told me he was serious. I later Googled this and man, he was right! I couldn’t believe it. Olive oil and it’s wonderful monounsaturated fats (healthy, good fat) can help prevent heart attacks, high cholesterol, strokes, constipation, headaches, gas & so so so much more! No wonder why so many people love the Mediterranean diet, not only does it taste good, but it’s good for you!

So, this led me to think, what else? What else can foods do to me. It turns out, more than I could ever imagine. I won’t go in much detail, but here’s a list for you to try next time you feel under the weather or are currently living with a disease.

Turmeric! This little superfood can help treat arthritis and minor joint pain. You can get it in a capsule or tablet or spice and it’s recommended to take 500 mg, 2-3 times a day.

Garlic – sore throats, colds, helps clear plaque from arteries. For a sore throat remedy: Place unpeeled cloves of raw Garlic in a pan and dry-roast until they are soft to the touch. Remove from the pan and cool. Peel and eat the resulting soft Garlic paste. 

Oregano – digestion and help clear phlegm from the lungs. You can either chew it or add it into your foods. Since it is a very strong antioxidant, it will reduce your bad cholesterol – just like Thyme! No wonder why Mediterranean diet is so tasty, all these lovely spices!

Peppermint – headaches, heat exhaustion, and itching skin. Peppermint tea is pretty popular since it is known to be a nice digestive aid especially when you have a fever.

Cinnamon – gets rid of colds, fevers, and diarrhea.

Cayenne – a tiny pinch of this spice in your tea will help move that phlegm out. It will also help in clotting and stop bleeding if you get a cut!

Hey ladies, this one is for y’all! Ginger will help menstrual cramps! 750-2000mg taken during the first four days is proven to be effective when dealing with cramps. Some say it works even better than Ibuprofen. Try it out.

Let me know if you have any home remedies that you believe help keep you healthy or cure you when you're fighting an illness. I’d love to know more!

Thank you for reading!

& Remember, be kind. (eat some apples too)

-          Miles

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