Top 20 Things I Learned in College (that they don’t teach).

College. What a beautiful, unpredictable, and very quick chapter of my life you were. Thank you for all the lessons you taught me, especially the ones outside of the classroom. I recently graduated from Bridgewater State University. (Go Bears) How exciting. You learn a lot in your college years, and since I am a part of the class of 2020, here are the top 20 things I learned in college (that they don’t teach).

  1. Don’t make your room the “hangout” room.

You’d think this be a good idea until it’s 2am and your roommates are halfway through a 2K tournament and all you want to do is sleep.

  1. Take advantage of the free card holders for your phone in the beginning of the year.

That’s the only time they hand them out and they tend to rip or fall off your phone.

  1. You CAN travel while in school, and most times, the school offers very affordable ways to travel and earning credits at the same time!

 Personally, I studied and traveled in Greece for 4 months. I also took part of two different service trips during my senior year. One in Belize City, Belize and Dupree, South Dakota. (more on those in future blogs)

  1. Have snacks. (& back up snacks).

You’ll get hungry at night and eat all the good snacks.

  1. Prioritize your work and yourself.

In the grand scheme of things, you are at college for yourself and to get closer to your personal goals. Keep that in the back of your mind, get that paper done, and drink that bottle of water because you have business to take care of.

  1. Make friends with the employees that aren’t professors.

It never failed to put a smile on my face when I’d walk into a cafeteria and see my favorite cashier greeting me, or if it’s breakfast and my favorite server yells out a classic “Aye Miles! How you doin’ baby”. They are such an underrated part of the university and they care for the students also.

  1. Get involved.

 Chances are you have interests, and chances are your school offers a club dedicated to that specific interest. If they don’t? Start one. Be the leader that you are.


  1. If you have friends that have a game, concert, or a play, go and support them.

They will 100% appreciate it. Even if it is non-competitive intramural volleyball game at 10 o’clock at night.

  1. Going to sleep early is cool. But staying up late to have heart to hearts – that’s where friendships level up. But seriously, going to sleep early is cool and highly recommended.


  1. Make sure your friends are there to support you and build you up, not break you down.

Honestly, I don’t know if Bring the Stoke would exist if my best friends didn’t support the way that they did. They encourage me from day one, and that means so much to me. Still does. Thanks guys.

  1. Don’t feel like you need to go out every weekend /// don’t feel the need that you have to drink.

 Go sober, your bank account will thank you. Personally, I don’t drink. I still went out and NOBODY cares if you aren’t drinking, if anything they tend to find it respectable.


 – learned this the hard way. & If you do buy books, do NOT go to the bookstore, buy them used and online.

  1. Finessing is a skill.

More like an art form. One definition of finesse I read was: “Making a way when there isn’t” and really that is a big part of college. No way you’ll get that lab done by your 8am? Make your way. You’re at 88% and really want that A? Find a way to get it done. Learn to finesse, you got this!

  1. Talk to your classmates, especially the ones in your major.

It baffles me how you can sit next to somebody three times a week for 50 minutes at a time over 15 weeks and not even know the person’s name. Chances are they are probably a really cool person! And for the one’s in your major, you are going to struggle but now you’ll struggle together and that is so much more fun. Major friends are also a great resource if you need help. (which you will)

  1. People who are in frats and sororities really, REALLY like to let everyone know that they are in a frat/sorority.

You ever hear the joke: How do you know if someone who you just met is in a frat/sorority? They’ll tell you right after they say their name. It’s true!

  1. Get to know your professors, let them know you care (even if you don’t)

Realistically, you may not care about that BIO 100 or ENG 101 class, but you need to pass it. Go to the office hours. Ask questions. Ask questions that you know the answers to, just show them you care. It might come in handy towards the end of the semester.

  1. Don’t skip class, but also don’t stress if you oversleep/miss a class.

Professors, most of the time, understand students make mistakes. Don’t take advantage of their kindness.

  1. ALWAYS check

– also learned this the hard way. A good professor can make any class interesting and worthwhile. But a bad professor, they can make an interesting class turn into your biggest mistake.

  1. Do things that will make for a good story in the future.

Invest in memories. Go to concerts, sporting events, spring break trips etc. Even if you don’t want to spend money, your future self will thank you for the memories, and you won’t remember that 40 dollars that it cost you to go see the Red Sox play.

  1. Everyday is truly a great day to be a bear.


At the end of writing this post, I realized that I learned so much more than 20 things. I could easily write 20 more. To me, these were the ones that stood out most. I hope they help, and feel free if you want more lessons that I learned outside of the classroom. 

Maybe reward your child/grandchild with some Bring the Stoke apparel

Now THATS a good idea.


Thanks for reading blog number six, and remember, be kind.

  • Miles

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