Did you know that Bring the Stoke sweatshirts & long sleeves are 20% off now till the end of the month? Anyways, the east coast is a very underrated place. Everyone seems to want to go to California, Colorado, Utah etc. Sure, they have some pretty radical places that should be explored, but so does the east coast. I’ve traveled up & down the coast a few times, during those treks I learned what places I like, and don’t like. In this blog, I will just be focusing on a few northern east coast towns.

Mystic, Connecticut

The first on my list is one of my all-time favorite places. Oddly enough, I really haven’t spent more than a few hours at a time when I’m at this place. I don’t think I ever spent two or more days here. In the past four or so years, I probably visited this town about six or more times. The drives up back up to Boston, this was a little over the halfway point, and it makes for the perfect lunch or dinner stop. If you ever saw the movie Mystic Pizza, then you’ll know why Mystic, Connecticut is at the top of my list. It’s small. It’s quaint. To me, it’s just a lovely little place! With that saying, there’s not too much to do. There’s a museum, aquarium, a rockin’ pizza place, a cool draw bridge, and loads of places to window shop. But what really makes it special is the scenery alone. It’s a bit old fashion New England and it is perfect for a little getaway.

Newport, Rhode Island

If you ever dreamed of living like a king or queen, then this place is for you. The first time I visited here, I felt as if I was living like Jay Gatsby. That kind of royalty if you know what I mean. At the same time, it’s also a beachy town, and personally some of the better beaches in the state are located here. Newport is home to a few mansions that were summer homes to a few members of the Vanderbilts. Most of them dating back from the late 1800s. If I remember correctly, a majority of the furniture and appliances are original which really makes it seem as if you are taking a trip down memory lane. A memory lane that existed before you were even born. Here are the gates to one of the mansions. Pretty neat!

Salem, Massachusetts

Yes, it’s technically summer at the moment but it’s practically fall, The leaves of summer leave the trees and find the ground of fall and Salem is basically the capital for fall related activities. I don’t think there is a place in America that celebrates Halloween better than Salem. (If you know a place, let me know ASAP). Anyways, this town north of Boston, is ~usually~ full of un fall and Halloween activities (COVID, remember) for all ages. From learning about the historical aspect of the towns, or going on a ghost tour, to basically anything else. The pictures you see on Facebook obviously make it look way cooler and much more of an aesthetic fall vibe.

There are so so so many more places that I could write about, or just write more in depth about these places. What do you think? Want a more of a full fledge review? Who knows, maybe one day I’ll do that!

What places are your favorites? Leave your fav places in the comments! Did you know that Bring the Stoke sweatshirts & long sleeves are 20% off now till the end of the month?


Anyways, remember to be kind, to all. Love y’all.


  • Miles

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