Top TV shows to fulfil your wanderlust!

As I’m writing this in my Bring the Stoke long sleeve tee (linked below), I notice that the sun is shining a bit more and more these days and we aren’t really allowed to go outside, it can be tempting to go out and fulfil your sense of adventure. There are a few others way to still fulfil that sense of being outdoors, exploring the unknown. My favorite way is living vicariously through the eyes of extreme adventurers. Whether it be through reading a book, or watching a film, both can surely fill that void that exploring the outdoors used fill in.

It seems these days that Netflix is common past time. For some it may be more as a hobby, but personally, it is a nightly routine. So, what am I watching to help cure my nostalgia of my past adventures?

The Kindness Diaries (Netflix): this show should be watched by everyone. Leon Logothetis, a British lad, attempts to drive from Alaska to Argentina, in a vintage Volkswagen Beetle whom he named, “Kindness 2”, completely relying on the pure kindness of strangers. You’ll be amazed how kind and lovely people really are, will restore your faith in humanity.

Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations (Hulu): Needless to say, Anthony Bourdain is one of my favorite celebrities of all time. One big reason is that he doesn’t seem himself as a celebrity, he sees himself as a small, useless sliver of the universe that wants to eat, drink, and have the occasional smoke. This show consists of him traveling through basically anywhere on Earth, learning what the culture is like, talking with locals, asking about their history, and most importantly, food. One of my all time favorite shows. Also check out OnDemand, for me, I get about two seasons of his other series: Parts Unknown.

Free Solo (Disney+): My palms were sweating, and my eyes were glued when I watched this for the first time. Professional rock climber (in my eyes, one of the greatest athletes ever), Alex Honnold attempts to free solo, meaning no ropes or harness, up Yosemite’s famous El Capitan. For those who don’t know, this means Alex is hanging 3,000 feet above the ground just by the grips of his fingers. Absolutely insane. This was directed by Jimmy Chin, who is also a professional climber and award-winning director.

The Dawn Wall (Netflix): Professional rock climbers, Tommy Caldwell and Kevin Jorgeson complete the first ever free climb (meaning no aid, whatever they carry up is all that they have) the dawn wall portion of El Capitan. This one is not as thrilling as Free Solo, mostly because they are wearing safety harnesses, but you’ll still be on the edge of your seat.

Expedition Happiness – Felix Starck, who once rode his bike over 11k miles across 22 countries, is now on to his next grand adventure with his girlfriend Selima Taibi, and their beloved dog, Rudi. They are from Germany and they bought an old school bus and gave it the best glow up one could ever imagine and go on an epic road trip in search for inspiration and happiness. They ultimately drive from North Carolina, up to Canada towards Alaska then down to northern Mexico.

Magical Andes – Personally, this show makes me want to drop everything and travel South America for a good amount of time. The land is beautiful, but the people that live there, even more beautiful. They all seem to have a real appreciation and respect for the Andes mountain range. For about 45 minutes, I forget all about the problems in the world, I am just so submersed in this show that takes you through Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, and Colombia.

Our Planet: Behind the Scenes (Netflix): You may have heard of Our Planet; it is basically a knock-off version of Planet Earth. It’s still very well produced and makes you fall in love with the planet you inhibit daily, but Our Planet: Behind the Scenes is even better. It’s about the real heroes of the TV show, the cameramen and women. These people are no joke! Some may go out on an expedition for two weeks and only get 15 seconds of footage. The patients these people have is unmatched! Gives you a whole new appreciation of what it takes to make a good documentary.  

My desire to travel is at an all-time high, I imagine some of you reading this also have that urge. Stay strong, watch cool TV shows, because we got this! As they say, the blacker the berry, the sweeter the juice!

If YOU have any recommendations let me know in the comments below!

Thank you for reading, & remember, be kind.

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