Bring The Stoke Blog

  • Kanga Coolers - How a Group Project Led to a 100k Handshake with Mark Cuban

    ‘…with any startup there’s never time to look back. It’s funny, whenever we achieve something large as a company and it’s brought to the publics’ attention that event or action is typically months behind what the team is actually working on. It’s important to reflect and appreciate the individuals and positive steps involved in creating this company but your mindset needs to stay consistent with what’s next not what’s happening”.

  • Podcasts Opened My Eyes to a Brand New World.

    I never really thought anything of podcasts, always saw them more as something people listen to during their daily commute into the city. It was something they would listen to for some “self-help” or some other nonsense reasoning. Boy, was I ignorant to the world of podcasts.
  • Silly 4th of July Riddles

    What has blades but isn't grass? What two things did the pilgrims bring that were unwelcomed? Find out in this blog!
  • How a terrible hiking accident changed Jaime Purinton's life

    "Life is full of moments, good, bad, positive, negative. You know, the ying and yang of life. I’ve learned that it’s not totally about what happens to you, but more so on how you react to those moments. Nobody knows this than Jaime Purinton, founder of Hike It Off Magazine"
  • What to Expect During the Summer Before Your First Year of College (& more)

    I write about what it was like for me during that specific summer, and first semester in college. What to expect for students and parents.
  • Ten or so ways you can help fight racial injustice.

    10 easy ways you can help better your beloved country.
  • Top TV shows to fulfil your wanderlust!

    This blog talks about my talks about shows that fulfil the sense of adventure I so dearly crave.
  • Top 20 Things I Learned in College (that they don’t teach).

    In this blog I write about the lessons that I learned in college, outside of the classroom.
  • Is Coronavirus a problem or an inconvenience!?

    In this blog, I write about the differences of a problem and an inconvenience & where covid-19 is between those two.
  • How to be responsible and safe when hiking during quarantine times.

    This blog talks about basic rules and safety of hiking during these quarantine times.
  • Bored at home? These YouTubers can surely help you out.

    On this short blog, I talk about reccomendations of YouTube series to check out.
  • How to keep Bringin' the Stoke during COVID - 19

    This post is talks about a simple guideline how to keep the "stoke" up during these desperate times.